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sudden sound of silence. a strike is on for musicians for one of the bay area's most popular music programs. . good evening. this is bay area news at seven . white smoke signaled the new leader of the church, cardinal jorge mario berg oshgsoglio is the and you pope. bells of st. peters bilowed atop the sistine chapel symbolling a new pope. none expected the man who would
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soon emerge from the balcony of st. peters basilica. the new pope said good evening, in his parent's native italian joking his 114 cardinals went to the ends of the earth to find him. how often does that -- a new pope get elected? the italians have a saying. we say once in a blue moon, in italy, they say once in the election of a new pope. >> for the first time in 600 dc years, the former pope will be living. benedict xvith, when he asked the faithful to pray for him, before bidding them good night on his first night as the holly father. >> pope francis waking us
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having to do from mondane to the urge end. joe bidden will come to town, be fitted for his fisherman's ring and probably call some friends in argentina to send him his clean socks because he's not going home any time soon ktvu channel 2 news. we have more details now. he was born in buenos aires. his chosen name is a first. st. francis swim bow liesed -- symbolized poverty. he says i look part to working for his holiness and security and dignity for our fellow human
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beings regardless of faith. >> many argentimians are celebrating today. the most important thing is the church has a new pope. he admits it's great to have an argentian in the house. >> i'm a progressive catholic and we'd love to see more great things come out of the catholic church and today is hope for that. >> via del sol is celebrating tonight. >> among catholics, there are pride the pope adopted the name of st. francis which gave the city its name. >> the first is triumph, but then as i told you before with the triumph comes the cross and then we had to help the new pope with the crisis that is facing the catholic church right now.
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>> people gathered to watch this on a laptop. they'll have a mass tomorrow noon. >> some children say they were thrilled to watch the smoke come out today. they say while the pope is unfamiliar to them, they're looking forward to learning more about him. there is hope today's announcement sparks new interest among young people. >> ann?? >> reporter: there was certainly a lot of excitement today. will the new pope continue to keep young people interested, is the new question. >> in between lectures at this college, it helped students in suspension. >> we thought it was going to be the american because everyone had the big hype on the different church, like the new church and what it would be.
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we were all surprised it wasn't them and that it was an argentinian. >> sandy believes having a noneuropean pope sends a positive message. >> i think it's really great to see a latin american pope because the world is becoming more equal to the idea of diversity. >> and at this high school, the idea of the first jesuit pope is exciting. >> for that, it speaks a deep cord. we very much are proud of francis and hopeful for our church. hopeful the jesuits focus on education reeringizing young people. >> i think advance in culture, so will the catholic church. >> it could also send a message of of we want to generate a new generation of catholics and people who are excited and happy
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about the new church. >> educators say they never thought they see a jesuit church and the discussion about him has only just begun. it took only five voting selections for the cardinals to elect a new pope. the process sometimes took months, even years, francis emerged trade to stand on a platform that the put him higher than the cardinals around him. president obama nominated a diplomat to libya. he selected deborah kay jones. secretary of state john kerry
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was meeting with the libyan prime minister? d.c. >> he's announced deborah can jones to represent the people in this new democracy. she'll fill the post held by christopher stephens when the four americans were killed in the u.s. consulate in benghazi. they're trying to come up with a plan of defense against hacking. three congressional hearings took place today suggesting china is behind 90% of attacking in the u.s. >> in nine minutes, the new partnership involving two well-known bay area companies. now to salano county where firefighters contained two small
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fires. 4:30, right along red top read in fairfield, at least one lane was closed so crews could reach the fires. they also served the hillside for a shirtless man seen holding a gas man. now to albany, investigators say former middle school teacher james izumizaki did engage in sexual activity with two students and made videos with juveniles and adults. the crimes took place at school, in his home and in his car. he was arrested and committed suicide. the discovery of a note threatening violence were found today in a girl's bathroom yesterday. we've blurred out the word for you. the note reads i hate everyone at this school. watch me shoot everyone on march
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14th, i wear to god. one student we talked to downplayed this event to some extent. >> i think it's kids wanting attention. >> would you want to go to school tomorrow? >> i'm not sure. >> school officials and police are asking anyone who knows anything about this to come forward. they want to help the individual who wrote the note. in any ways, police are expected to be on hand all week. the music has stopped at the san francisco symphony. they cavies -- they carried picket signs. they're you tour will not happy. a 31-year-old petta lumma petaluma woman near san antonio road, it appears the driver drifted into the center divide over
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corrected, and ended up in a ditch. the woman's three male passengers suffered major injuries. investigators say it does not appear alcohol was a factor. the name has not been released. after years of waiting, drivers on highway 1 will be able to use the devil's tunnel. >> it is over budget but welcomed by many residents at a cost of millions of dollar. there's been a number of closures over the years due to rock and land slides. . just a bump not road for a south bay improvement project, the make over that's come with some unexpected cost. and a move to make last call a lot later. there is a catch. pretty warm out there today for winter weather. we've got a little fog out of the coast. it will be back tomorrow morning. they're trending the other way.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. . to work to pain and protect the eastern bay bridge, workers got a look today. they're receiving six additional layers of protection from rain, salt, air, and pollution. the cables could last 150 years. a bay area lawmaker is trying to let clubs to serve alcohol until 4:00 in the morning. as david stevenson reports, not everyone is thrilled. >> reporter: new state ledge lakz could let the --
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legislation roll on past 4 a.m.. mark leno would let cities and counties work with the state to servical as late as 4 a.m. -- serve alcohol as late as 4 a.m. >> the bartenders would love it, make more money and people that want to drink longer, i guess. >> it would let them compete with cities like new york to close in the we hours. >> it would consider job growth, business expansion and increase of money for the client. >> having the ability for a later night creates more opportunity for them to have a great time and to spend more money. >> i was shocked to find out when i moved here that everyone died at 1:30. >> later hours could mean more late night headaches. >> people would be drinking too much and then they'd be driving.
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and too late and the noise and i just don't think it's good are for the community. >> even some bar managers have reservation. >> as far as public transportation, not being able to facilitate some of the comings and goings could be a problem. >> it could reach the governor's desk by the end of summer. david stephenson, channel 2 news. some of theination's biggest retailers -- the nations's retailers, american spending pushed retail sales by 1.1% from january, the fastest pace in months, showing people to spend even with a higher increase in their take home pay. the dow finished 14,455,
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nasdaq closed up by two points, the s and m drained two. >> it says the executive who's been in charge, andy ruben is stepping down and will you move to another position in the company. he's being replaced by sin dar pachi who oversaw google's web browser. netflix can link accounts to post viewing history on their facebook feed. netflix users can also see what their friends like, with an option to withhold titles you you wish not to withheld. a missing oakland woman is presumed dead. the large scale seven for 31-year-old -- search for erica when he failed to return home are investigating a possible suicide. her cell phone signal last placed her in the area of the
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golden gate bridge. her husband died last year. trending now, video of a mom who made a big mistake. >> it was reported by our sister station, kiro up in seattle. a two-year-old boy inhaling marijuana smoke from a bong being held by his mother. >> police have arrested that mom and she admitted it happened. san jose police need help they say are expected of assaulting another woman and stealing her purse. we're showing you a picture of the woman from surveillance cameras. investigators say she knocked the victim down and that this man here took the woman's purse. both then took off on bikes. investigators are asking anyone who knows who they are to call the police department. >> a major roadway improvement
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project was meant to beautify san jose, but careless drivers have turned new road into an ugly and expensive mess. >> evidence of the latest crash along this newly redone section of capital express way in east san jose. a driver veered off the road and took out a light pole, creating another headache for work crews. >> we are trying to improve the neighborhood. >> brandy childress is with the agent in charge of this project. $8.5 million is being spend on new sidewalk, and light poles. since work start ed two years ago there have been several similar crashes with repair work costing thousands there was. >> a little disheartening when you see some of the damages that are done and car accidents are going to happen. but we are going to be able to fix these relatively easily. >> san jose police weren't able to tell me whether speed has been a factor in these recent crashes. >> drive the express way and
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you'll notice people tend to go fast. we're going 45 miles per hour and some cars are passing us you up. >> i hear carrying going real quick. >> neighbors tell me reckless driving is certainly for issue. she says seeing this dam san jose disappointing because this project has given pedestrian a save place to walk. >> our taxes go to that to make it look nice and we brag about it. >> the bta spokes woman said no additional tax mayer money will be used. in san jose, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. california officials announced a new partnership with the federal government to bring two large solar projects to california. governor jerry brown held a press conference with interior secretary ken salazar. the projects are in riverside
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county. they'll help california reach itself goal to get a third of its energy from renewable sources from 20/20. one south bay teenager is taking home more from her washington trip. and it feels like an early spring out there with some places in the 80s today. our chief meteorologist, bill martin will let us know about the temperatures. >> you can still watch ktvu newscast. get the app or go to well, well, well.
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a reminder tonight from the people at bart about a pilot program that begins next week. starting monday commuters are allowed to bring bikes on the train. they're asked to steer clear on the first two trains. a permanent change could go before the bart board. >> we have bill martin here and all week you've been telling us how temperatures are ticking up go they got right to the top today. now we're trending down. you see the fog along the coast or maybe as you were heading
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home from work. temperatures will be trending you down. the highs from today, and highs from tomorrow are going to be cooler by a couple degrees. morgan hill at 81, rain in the pacific northwest. we're getting nothing but a little bit of fog along the coast. fog already shooting across. you can barely see it. there's fog shooting across the bay, and fog up in the head lands. more fog than last night. temperatures cooling down rabidly in oakland. 63 degrees as that cool air pushes across. >> still warm inland. 43? antock. when it gets over the hills, it's getting deeper, fatter. the costal hills agent about a thousand feet. some of that fog will push
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inland. when i say cooler, i'm not talking 55 for day time. we're still talking 75 degrees in some places tomorrow; it's just going to be slightly cooler. >> just a little pressure, sort of lingers to the north of us, but that's the mechanism of stretching out of the fog bank. >> 77 tomorrow in fairfield, 73 in brent wood. >> thursday, when i say cooler, that's not cool, but cooler than today. we did not have any records. it seemed like we got close in a couple places. >> temperatures tomorrow won't be in the record range but they will be still in the 70s. your five-day forecast doesn't show any rainfall at all. just dry, dry, dry, and warm, warm, warm. >> costal fog will linger as we get into the next few days.
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tomorrow morning maybe we could see a dense fog on the bridge. today from the prestigious intel science contest in washington d.c., 15-year-old sahana vasadavid awarded 15th out of 100. she does take math classes at stanford and attends an after school program, math, at palo alto high. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, and tonight a promising sign for young people who are entering the job market. >> keep in mind we're always here for you at and that tmz is up next right here on tv 36. morning, brian!
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